Karl Skivington is the owner and operator of EnvelopeAM, Nottingham. He is a first-class degree holder in Music from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, an Associate of the London College of Music and a member of the Music Producers Guild. His mastering work has been played on various radio stations around the world including BBC Radio 1. In addition, Karl regularly produces screencasts and written tutorials for various music technology blogs. 

Mastering in an essence is making a track sound the best it can be (that doesn’t mean just making it louder and brighter.) My mastering mindset often employs what I call the three C’s - Corrective, Creative and Coherent.

  • Corrective: Fixing any mix issues ensuring your music sounds good on all systems and in all formats;
  • Creative: Having a shared vision with the artist, band or producer;    
  • Coherent: Making all tracks sound unified.

This approach, united with experience, results in clients being blown away by the difference a skilled mastering engineer can make. I welcome the opportunity to be working with you in making great music.