Wyatt Parkins from our U.S. label Saint Marie Records invited because he did great job with the Spotlight Kid gang. We were looking for somebody who could make our sound shiny and fresh, but with out killing our noisy post punk sound. Karl did it so well and we were so happy to find someone who understood what was necessary.
— Dirk Knight, Seasurfer (Hamburg)
I was really pleased with Karl’s work on my track. He kicked up the high end frequencies nicely, and really sweetened up the whole thing. He seemed to help glue all the parts together into a more solid, yet fluid mix. What once was dull is now a professional sparkly, punchy, professional sounding track. Great work!
— Brenan Chamebers, Jet Man Team (Seattle)
| went to Karl for a recent project which combined a number of different musical styles. He demonstrated a range of music for the styles of music that went beyond most mastering services. He delivered a very high quality, cost effective and customer friendly service. I would have no hesitation in recommending these services again.
— Scott Causer, Independent Record Label Owner (London)
Karl has mastered two of my Eps, which have covered rock and electronic territories, and have been both textured and raw. Even with this diversity he has made everything sound coherent. He has been swifter getting ever tying back to me quickly and has communicated really well. He does what you ask, but instinctively those aspects, but instinctively brings out aspects that you didn’t know where there
— Nick Harris, Dead Sea Apes (Manchester)
Outstanding work Karl! The dark art of Mastering has been something that has always baffled me, but you’ve totally nailed it here fella. All within the Lono camp of very impressive with single, and will certainly spread the word of your talents sir.
— David Startin, I Am Lono (Nottingham)
Karl has clearly got what it takes. His work sounds great and he has provided me with fantastic results, that are crisp, clear and accurately mastered. He has drawn out frequencies that I lost in the mix and has brought a new dimension to my sound. Really happy with the results and I have no doubt that Karl will be my ‘go-to’ mastering engineer of the future.
— Paul Field-Williams, Composer and Producer for Brookfield Music (Shrewsbury)

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