If you require a DDP, you need to send me the relevant information - artist/band name, album title, track titles, UPC/EAN code and individual ISRC codes, all of which gets embedded. In addition, you will receive a PQ sheet, containing all the information that your chosen pressing plant may require.

ISRC codes are signed to each individual track, helping you to receive more accurate royalty payments.

You can obtain them by do simply registeing your tracks with the PPL, which is free and quick.

UK: http://www.ppluk.com

Ireland: http://www.ppiltd.com

USA: http://www.usisrc.org

France: http://www.isrcfrance.fr

Germany: http://www.musikindustrie.de

Italy: http://www.fimi.it

Australia: http://www.aria.com.au

New Zeland: http://www.ppnz.co.nz

Click here for an inclusive list of The National ISRC Agencies.