DPP (Disc Description Protocol) is a file-based format. It has become the industry standard for CD duplicating. Like Red Book (CD), you can embed text (e.g. artist/band name, album title, track titles, UPC/EAN code and individual ISRC codes). 

So what are the advantages of DDP over Red Book/CD?

  • Easier to verify against the source;
  • Less prone to errors then a CDR;
  • It’s faithfully, like the artist proposed, unlike a CDR, which can influence the sound of recording;
  • It can be transferred over the Internet;
  • Most pressing plants only accept DDP.

All DDP images produced are quality controlled using ‘MD5 Checksum’, insuring 100% accuracy.

A DDP image is highly recommend for customers who will be duplicating CDs of their music. 

All DDP's are created using the HOFA DDP Creator